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Preventing Running Injuries

For a runner, there is nothing worse than an injury to keep us from doing what we love or training for an upcoming race. Recent studies on running injuries have some conflicting results, and some studies suggest that more than 50 percent of runners are sidelined each year from some type of running-related injury, ranging from IT band syndrome, shin splints, stress fractures, runner’s knee and plantar fasciitis. It makes you wonder if, at least some of, those injuries could have been prevented in some way.

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When it comes to running injuries, there is a difference between injury prevention and injury recovery. The goal of injury prevention is just that, it’s designed to help prevent injuries before they happen. While injury recovery is the treatment of an existing injury. Bottom line is, running provides stress on the body that some experts claim creates impact forces up to seven to eight times our body weight. With this, as a runner, you are susceptible to a variety of injuries.

However, a focused approach of implementing strength training, recovery and flexibility into your training program requires a proactive attitude to doing the consistent work and supplementary training on top of the running and sport-specific workouts.

Adam Gentzler
Dr. Adam Gentzler is a doctor of chiropractic and Active Release Technique provider, specializing in endurance athletes and runners. He has worked on beginning runners all the way to world-record holders and world champions.

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Adam is also a passionate runner himself. He has completed several half marathons, marathons and triathlons. In 2017, he completed the Ice Age Trail 50-mile and has also been a crew member for the Western States 100.

In this episode, Adam discusses some of the things you can do on a regular basis with a few simple strategies to reduce the risk for common running injuries while also improving your overall performance.



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