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Buffalo Running Project

What’s your favorite place for a run? You can probably quickly think of a favorite trail, route or street that you routinely use. And it might even be a place where you perform a specific workout, such as your weekly long run or maybe even a tempo run or a speed workout.

Go a new route. Take a new way. Search out something new. -Jim Cielencki Click To Tweet

Your favorite running route is your favorite for good reason; you feel comfortable there, you probably know the mile markers and it is likely convenient to access. When you have a favorite route, it can become instinctive to go back to these familiar routes without even thinking about it. Every once in awhile, however, it’s nice to switch it up for a change in scenery and to experience the variety that your town has to offer. There are so many untapped miles of trails and streets that are waiting for you, waiting to be explored.

Jim Cielencki
Photo Credit: Scott Balzer

Jim Cielencki is this type of runner. He wanted to change up the routes he would take during his training runs leading up to the Buffalo Marathon, so he took on the challenge to run the 700+ miles of streets in the city of Buffalo as he prepared for race day. As he started training, each run began to show him that each street had something that was inspiring. Along with running, exploring and photos became his motivation and quickly turned into the Mile by Mile Project.

The positive way is to smile, to wave and to say hello. And that’s what I chose. -Jim Cielencki Click To Tweet

Jim talks about the training, the stories, the lessons learned from running every mile of streets in his hometown and the special way he finished the project during the Buffalo Marathon. You’ll get a sense of his thirst for the unknown and how he pursues his goals with full force and explores all of the possibilities.


Each run showed me that there was something out there. -Jim Cielencki Click To Tweet


  • How to find new running routes
  • Running with a smile
  • Benefits of running on new streets
  • Running while exploring and taking photos
  • Learning more about your hometown while running
  • How to go a new route

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