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Better Running Goals

Goals set the foundation and the road map to your running success. You won’t get near your potential without having good goals. We’re wired as humans to dream of what might be and then figure out how to make that dream a reality.

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Even if you’ve never formally written down your running goals, you likely already have some, such as having a minimum number of workouts each week, or having a specific weekly mileage that you’re aiming for or even a goal of following a training plan leading up to race day. But, there is a good chance you have a specific running goal related to an event or time. For example, you might have a goal of running a qualifying time for the Boston Marathon, or maybe you simply have a goal of completing a half marathon.

Better Running Goals
Having goals for your running routine can help shape and focus your workouts and enhance your results. But running goals are different than other goals that you might have at work or for your personal life.

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In her book, Better Running Goals, Diana Fitts lays out a step-by-step guide to setting goals for your body, mind and lifestyle. She discusses how setting formal running goals may actually help you enjoy running even more and strategies for setting goals that can help you achieve a sustainable, meaningful and happy life.



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  • How to set running goals
  • Make running a habit
  • Goals versus lifestyle
  • Choosing a training plan

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