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Luc Larson

Luc Larson first discovered running when he realized the best part of baseball was stealing bases. As a 400-meter sprinter in high school, he transitioned to marathons post college and is now training for ultra marathons.

Recovery (noun) a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength. @EdgeAthLounge Click To Tweet

While Luc is a passionate runner himself, he finds the most inspiration from coaching other runners. He was a founding member of Nike+ Run Club Chicago, which serves runners training for the Chicago Marathon and other races with running groups and coaching. As part of NRC, Luc has paced celebrities and ran with Olympians, but he also coaches every day athletes who train hard to achieve their goals.

Luc Larson
Now Luc is a coach at EDGE Athlete Lounge in Chicago, a training and recovery lounge specializing in endurance athletes. At EDGE, they’ve taken the most innovative methods for recovery and refueling and then integrated those techniques into a variety of services. Using these tools, endurance athletes can recover from intense workouts in just one hour instead of days.

If you run so hard that you can't recover, you haven't done any good. -Roger Banister @EdgeAthLounge Click To Tweet Some of the recovery tools that Luc uses at EDGE are Recovery Pump Boots, Water Therapy, Electrical Stimulation, Laser Therapy, Spa Therapy, Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Services. This approach to training and recovery allows endurance athletes to train harder, recover smarter and ultimately get faster.


Pacing (verb) lead (another runner in a race) in order to establish a competitive speed. @EdgeAthLounge Click To Tweet


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  • Finding a training group
  • What are recovery boots
  • The benefits of recovery
  • Joining a pacing group

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