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Sharp Endurance

Have you ever discovered something by accident and then figure out you are truly passionate about it? These are the special times in life when things show up unexpectedly. And then our life takes a different angle and we start to experience the world in a completely new way.

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Linzie Starr experienced this back in 2011 when he started running as a way to be more active. He quickly realized his love for running and was instantly hooked to endurance sports. Within a year, he had completed nine half marathons and ran his first marathon in January 2013. While he is running the marathons and half marathons, he is also fundraising for various charities such as The American Cancer Society and Stand Up To Cancer.

Sharp Endurance
Since then, Linzie started Sharp Endurance where he inspires others to achieve their full potential with a mission of empowerment through motion. He shares stories about his training, races and product reviews. He is a decorated runner with many prestigious honors such as Marathon Maniac and a Half Fanatic. He is a brand ambassador for Garmin, Sketchers Performance, Orange Mud and Pro Compression.

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