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Pray Run Live Love

Life is busy. Sometimes that busyness can distract us from reaching our running and fitness goals. Then when you add a family, kids and other obligations, it becomes even harder to stay focused on running. However, with an open mind and positive outlook, you can turn those distractions and obligations into opportunities and adventures.

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Heidi Liggett is a mom of two boys and an avid runner who shares her adventures and running stories on her blog at Pray Run Live Love. Most of her training runs are with her two boys in the jogging stroller.

Heidi Liggett
While Heidi has been running for a long time, it was in 2015 when she decided to take her running to a competitive level. Shortly after making that commitment, she was running trail runs and half marathons and finished her first marathon in 2017. She also has even bigger goals coming in the near future.

Keep an open mind and positive outlook when life gets busy. Click To Tweet Running is more than a hobby or a sport for Heidi. She uses the time on the trail for finding that girl that feels free and loves the opportunity to share new adventures with her boys while teaching them that anything is possible if you work for it.


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