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Running Across Ohio

Running goals can come in so many individual forms. For example, someone might have a goal of breaking two hours in the half marathon while another wants to qualify for the Boston Marathon and yet another runner simply wants to finish a 5k without walking. All of those examples are very different, but they are each specific to the individual. Regardless of your running goals, the key is making it uniquely yours and then structuring a training program around that goal.

Every new race is really fun for me because it’s different. @RunningAcrossOH Click To Tweet

As a wife and mother of three living in Ohio, Emily Korosec customized her running goals to fit her family. She refers to her goal as Running Across Ohio which includes every half marathon in the state of Ohio.

Emily Korosec
She says that the mission of Running Across Ohio combines all of her passions into one goal. Not only does she have a mission to run every half marathon in Ohio, but she is raising money for charity while she’s doing it.

If it’s important to you you can find time to make it happen. @RunningAcrossOH Click To Tweet You might also be surprised that there are over 90 half marathons in the state of Ohio alone. Emily has the full list of races, along with the featured charity and race recaps on her website at RunningAcrossOhio.com. Along with her goals, we talk about running with the family, nutrition and so much more.


I cannot remember a time when I came back from a run and felt worse. @RunningAcrossOH Click To Tweet


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  • Raising money for charity

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