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Butter Runner
When we are training for an upcoming race, it’s easy to slip into a standard routine for our training program. But there are times when we should challenge the status quo and develop a training program that is customized to ourselves as endurance athletes.

Fat adapted endurance athletes who likes to lift heavy things. Click To Tweet

For example, it might be changing up the specific running workouts. It could also be adding in, or replacing a workout, with cross-training. But it could also be blending strength training with the running-specific workouts. Another way to push ourselves is to change up our nutrition.

Sean Reid
Sean Reid, aka Butter Runner, is one of these endurance athletes who is fat adapted and likes to lift heavy things. He’s not afraid to move away from conventional, or mainstream, thinking and has implemented numerous methods into his training.

Most endurance athletes need to focus on the basic compound lifts. -Sean Reid Click To Tweet Sean runs, but he also incorporates strength training and a primal/paleo approach to nutrition. Overall, he’s created a training program that fits his personal interests but still delivers the overall fitness and endurance he’s looking for.


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