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Through the years of my running and coaching career, I’ve routinely blended in workouts and short training cycles that implement the strategies for running and playing that I’ll share with you. They are designed to break up the mundane and routine nature that training programs can often have. And let’s face it, when we spend weeks so focused in on an upcoming race, sometimes we need a break with fun workouts to bring the enjoyment back to running.

Learn to have fun and play while you run. #RunAndPlay Click To Tweet The main takeaway that I would like you to have from this episode is to play and have fun with your workouts every once in awhile. Be creative. Play ultimate frisbee. Hike up a mountain. The best time to implement these strategies is during the off-season or when you aren’t training and preparing for a specific race.

USA Endurance

The four ways to run and play to make fitness fun is: change up the workouts every once in awhile with runs such as a fartlek, take off the watch and forget about your pace or stats, adding in other exercises to the run such as pushups, lunges or even pullups and getting the family involved by taking the jogging stroller or bike trailer or even running around at the park with your kids.

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As George Sheehan said, “Fitness has to be fun. If it is not play, there will be no fitness. Play, you see, is the process. Fitness is merely the product.” Make it fun, smile and laugh during your runs and avoid getting too caught up in the seriousness of training. Don’t let competition kill your sense of fun. One of the best parts of running is the fun and enjoyment. Life is too important to take too seriously and running is a great way to break away from those stressors. When you learn how to run and play at the same time, that’s when you experience the Freedom to Run.



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