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The Intelligent Racer
The endurance sports community has a wide range of individual sports and unique events to challenge both the mental and physical abilities of the athletes. Every year, there are more and more of these events that gain popularity from ultramarathons to triathlons to adventure races. There are also the high-profile events such The Barkley Marathons, Badwater 135 and the Tour Divide.

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The Intelligent Racer Podcast, hosted by Adam Granoff, has a goal of connecting with racing professionals and elite amateurs to share stories of training and racing. The show focuses on some of the world’s most interesting and challenging races. There is so much to learn about the strategies used by the winners and finishers of these events.

Adam Granoff
There are so many lessons that can be learned and applied across multiple race formats. Adam uses that approach in The Intelligent Racer podcast by covering formats such as adventure races, triathlons and ultra-distance events.

There are so many lessons that can be learned and applied across multiple race formats. @intellracer Click To Tweet Adam is a passionate endurance athlete himself. He doesn’t focus on only sport as he regularly competes in triathlons, running races, bike races, swim races, duathlons and aquabikes. He’s an IRONMAN triathlon finisher and is always looking to learn how to become a better overall endurance athlete.


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  • What is The Intelligent Race podcast
  • Training tips for endurance athletes
  • Lessons learned from other runners
  • How to train for a triathlon
  • What is an adventure race

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