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Doc on the Run
The one thing that inhibits our ability to reach our full potential as endurance athletes are injuries. There is nothing worse than an injury to keep us from doing what we love or training for an upcoming race. Recent studies suggest that more than 50 percent of runners are sidelined each year from some type of running-related injury, ranging from IT band syndrome, shin splints, stress fractures, runner’s knee and plantar fasciitis.

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You run, you train and sometimes you suffer. But sometimes we push through the pain and discomfort or avoid going to the doctor because we fear they might tell us to stop running. Runners don’t need the routine standard of care where a doctor spends only five minutes with you where they tell you to “just stop running” or to “find another hobby”. Runners need something better.

Chris Segler
Dr. Chris Segler is an award-winning, nationally recognized expert on running injuries. Every day he helps runners heal common running injuries while staying fit, maintaining running-specific strength and, most importantly, continuing to run. He believes that any active athlete can suffer from an injury yet return to sport stronger than ever.

The two most common injuries are metatarsal stress fractures, plantar plate sprains that have been misdiagnosed incorrectly as metatarsal stress fractures. @myrunningdoc Click To Tweet Along with working with runners, Dr. Segler is an avid endurance athlete and outdoorsman. He is a rock climber, skier, marathon runner and 14-time Ironman triathlete. It’s his personal experience with endurance sports that helps him better understand when someone has an injury and wants to get better.



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We work out to increase our fitness and in some cases deliberately cause tissue damage that will become stronger once our bodies repair it. @myrunningdoc Click To Tweet


  • Tips for maintaining foot health
  • How to prevent running injuries
  • What are the common running injuries
  • How to choose a running shoe
  • Care for your feet

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