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With the new year brings new goals and new resolutions. For runners, those resolutions can include time goals, a specific number of workouts per week, weight loss goals and much more. But too often resolutions are made with the intention of creating a complete 180 from the normal life that you have been living. Instead, resolutions should be goals that gradually move you towards your desired outcome. With a few tips you can better set New Year’s resolutions to help you reach your ultimate running and fitness goals.

When you run with a purpose to reach your goals, you experience the Freedom to Run! Click To Tweet Challenging yourself is another key component to starting the new year strong. It comes down to pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. Too often as runners, we settle into our normal training routines and run the same races that we ran year in and year out. Instead, commit to changing up your races, changing up your training program and challenging yourself in new ways.

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Tapping into the running community is another great way to start the new year strong. The running community can help hold you accountable to reach your resolution and running goals. Online running communities such as Strava, Garmin Connect or MapMyRun are great virtual communities. You can also tap into your local running group which are often organized by local fitness clubs or running specialty stores. Another way to leverage the running community is to hire a running coach. Your coach can hold you accountable and help you push out of your comfort zone and also stay consistent.

Challenge yourself in new ways by entering new races and running different distances. Click To Tweet

Staying consistent with your running is a critical component to ultimately reaching your New Year’s resolution and running goals. It’s about putting in the work day in and day out year in and year out and staying focused on that overall outcome when the training gets tough. When you run with a purpose to reach your goals, you experience the Freedom to Run!



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  • Tips for staying consistent in running
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  • How to set running goals
Tap into the running community to start the new year strong. Click To Tweet



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