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We all have our unique stories for why we run, why we train so hard and why we consistently lace up the shoes day after day. It’s because we love it, and that’s what keeps drawing us to the trail year after year. However, there are also people who are new to running or are struggling with finding that love connection with running. So, whether you are that beginner looking to deepen your appreciation for running, or the avid runner who truly loves it, here’s a list of five things we can do to fall in love with running.

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Make Modest Goals

The first thing to remember in order to fall in love with running is to set modest goals. This one really comes down to setting yourself up for success. Success breeds success and activity breeds activity. Then you start to get some momentum in your training, and when you get momentum with anything in life, you always tend to enjoy it more. With this in mind, starting out with modest goals is the stepping stone for bigger and more audacious goals.

Get Equipped

The second area is to get equipped with the proper gear and equipment. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean having the latest and greatest gear, gadget or gizmo. It simply means having the right gear and equipment to make your running experience enjoyable. Because let’s face it, when the overall experience is enjoyable, you are more likely to love the activity, the challenge, and the journey.

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Fuel Up

Proper nutrition and hydration is the third component for falling in love with running. Never underestimate the power and impact that proper fueling can have on your body and your overall performance. There are a lot of approaches to nutrition out there right now, from keto, plant-based, whole30, paleo and the list can keep going. It’s easy to get caught up in these strict nutrition routines, but there’s also a time to experiment with new foods. For the runner and endurance athlete, the most important factors to consider are pre-race, or pre-workout nutrition, and then in-race nutrition.

Rest Days

Rest days are the fourth component needed to fall in love with running. When all of your focus is on training and getting the weekly mileage, sometimes you lose sight of the bigger picture. And getting wrapped up in the training plan and mileage can not only have negative effects on your true passion for running, but it can actually lead to various overuse injuries. Allowing your body to recover and rebuild in between runs takes discipline. Trust that your training plan is providing the right amounts of stress to produce gradual performance improvements over time. But then trust that you are actually getting better by resting.

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Have Fun

The last factor that can help you fall in love with running is to simply have fun with it. Laugh and smile on your runs. Look around at nature. If you’re running with a group, laugh and joke around and enjoy their company. Running doesn’t always have to be serious. Hooking up with a group or a training partner can help you stay committed to your training and long-term running goals.


The greatest runs are rarely measured by racing success. They are moments in time when running allows you to see how wonderful life is! To fall in love with running, you need to have a sense of gratitude for your ability to run and move, but also to enjoy the challenge of the journey and the pursuit of your goals. When you fall in love with the journey and the adventure, you experience the Freedom to Run!



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When you fall in love with the journey and the adventure, you experience the Freedom to Run! Click To Tweet



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