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Ironman Training
On November 4th, 2015, at the age of 32, Sidney Smith became a double amputee. While in the hospital, he made it a goal that he was going to run and work his way to a marathon and even an Ironman. Just months later he purchased walking legs and began training. After doing some 5k’s and short triathlons, he found that he couldn’t do much running with my walking legs.

I made it a goal in the hospital that I was going to run and work my way to a #marathon and even an #Ironman. -Sidney Smith @IRONMANtri Click To Tweet

Sidney so badly needed running blades. Not only do blades help amputees run faster and smoother but they also help with pain. The impact of running can be intense, especially at long distances; the running blades also act as suspension give some relief on the limbs and the joints throughout my body. Luckily, he was able to connect with Amputee Blade Runners, an organization that was willing to make him a set of running blades for free.

Ironman Training

All of Sidney’s training, preparation and racing is moving him towards achieving that big goal of the Ironman. He has completed the Ironman 70.3 and continues to run shorter races such as the MTN OPS Keep Hammering 5k. For the coming months, he also has his sights set on a 100-mile bike ride and running a marathon. And for the marathon, he is raising $3,000 which will help someone receive one running leg!

It helped me understand that the disability was the fear - it wasn’t really the legs. -Sidney Smith Click To Tweet Along with training for triathlons and the Ironman, Sidney is a dad and avid outdoorsman. You’ll find pics on his instagram page of hunting, archery, fishing, working out and just making the most of life. With his perseverance and hard work, he will be crossing off the full Ironman from his bucket list.


It’s really not a race worth doing if it doesn’t scare you a little bit. -Sidney Smith Click To Tweet


  • How to overcome fear
  • Training for an Ironman
  • Completing the Half Ironman
  • Setting goals
  • Endurance sports and the outdoors

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