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Courtney Poullas
Courtney Poullas began running as an adult at age 27 after the birth of her daughter. She was never really an “athletic” person as she lied to get out of gym class, so running was an uphill battle at first. Over time, by building physical and mental strength, she has completed five half marathons, decreased her 5k PR by 11:13, and has learned the best ways to care for and work through injuries to get back out on the road/trail.

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Now Courtney wants to share her experience and knowledge with other runners. She is a Level I RRCA Coach and has helped several athletes get started with their running journey by helping them set and meet their own running goals. Helping others and her community is truly her passion.

Courtney Poullas

In 2016, Courtney took on the very first Youngstown Marathon as Race Director and CEO. Leading a team and her city, the Youngstown Marathon garnished nearly 1200 runners, raised nearly six figures, and generated $15,000 in charitable donations in its first year. The Youngstown Marathon falls under The Youngstown Marathon Foundation, a non-profit founded by Courtney that includes eight strategic board members.

Everyone is a runner. #FitPregnancy @courtneypoullas Click To Tweet Courtney’s philosophy is that anyone can be a runner despite their ability, body-type, and confidence level. Working with a coach adds the accountability, physical training, and mental training that it takes to succeed in the sport. Your legs may burn out, but that’s when you run with your heart – and Courtney can help you discover that passion.


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