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USA Endurance is an online resource for runners, triathletes and endurance athletes of all levels.

Founded in 2013, USA Endurance was started by endurance athletes who were frustrated with the traditional, cookie-cutter approach to training and fitness. Driven by the desire to run faster and reach their goals, they began looking for alternative training techniques. Eventually they developed a comprehensive training approach that improves overall health and performance while decreasing the potential for injuries. Shortly thereafter, USA Endurance was developed as the pathway to share these training methods with runners and endurance athletes across the country.

At USA Endurance, our mission is simple: to inspire and motivate America to live an active lifestyle through running and exercise.

Through the years, runners and endurance athletes of all ages and ability levels have used the USA Endurance training programs to reach their running and fitness goals. These same programs are available exclusively to our Pro Team members and Personal Coaching athletes. It is our ongoing mission to continue to provide runners and endurance athletes with the latest advancements in training. We strive for providing excellent products and services that are tailored to runners and endurance athletes. To make sure we meet your expectations, we back every purchase with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We love our freedom and we love America. We encourage you to exercise your Freedom to Run – the freedom to run fast or slow, with friends or by yourself, long or short and wherever the trail leads you.

verb: the action of running or exercising without hindrance.


USA Endurance uses a comprehensive training approach to build the complete endurance athlete


Maximize training results by running the right distance at the right pace on the right day.


Gradually increase mileage with each training phase by matching specific workouts to your current fitness level.


Implement strength and flexibility workouts to your training program to prevent injuries and build overall fitness.


Set measurable goals and track your progress towards them with performance forecasting.


jeremy hoefs

Jeremy Hoefs

Founder & Head Coach
Jeremy Hoefs is a runner, exercise scientist and coach with the unique ability to combine the science of endurance performance with the art of real-world coaching. Jeremy's background and education in exercise science, along with a passion to help others achieve their fitness goals, has given him the opportunity to train athletes of all ages and ability levels. He has coached professional athletes, Boston Marathon qualifiers, high school athletes and new runners. The majority of his athletes are everyday runners balancing work, family and other commitments with their running. Jeremy practices what he preaches by regularly competing in road races and trail runs across the nation. A state-champion sprinter in high school, Jeremy discovered a passion for endurance running shortly after college. Over the years, he has completed several marathons, 14 half marathons and countless trail runs, 5k's and 10k's. His coaching credentials include RRCA Certified Coach, CSCS, CrossFit Level-2 (CF-L2) and CrossFit Endurance.


USA Endurance offers a variety of services so you can choose a training plan that works best for you


Your very own personal online coach.


Training tools, free shipping, gear giveaways, coach support and more.


A personalized training plan designed specifically for you and your goals.