How to Bike Faster in a Triathlon


Focus on proper training and equipment to bike faster

A triathlon consists of three disciplines — swimming, cycling and running — with each discipline crucial to success. The cycling leg, however, is a common focus for triathletes looking to improve performance. To bike faster in a triathlon, you can combine several steps to become a better overall cyclist. For example, changing your equipment to improve aerodynamics along with improving your conditioning for more power output can help you bike faster in a triathlon.


Count your pedal cadence. The cadence refers to your revolutions per minute. Finding your optimal cadence allows you to maximize your speed potential by reducing fatigue. Every triathlete has a different optimal cadence. For example, a power cyclist will use a high gear at a lower cadence while you may choose to use a lower gear with a higher cadence. Train using a high cadence level to improve cardiovascular fitness. Training at a high cadence — greater than 110 revolutions per minute — makes riding fast less stressful.

Improving your equipment and conditioning can provide more power output to make you bike faster in a triathlon.


Practice the transitions from the swim to the bike and the bike to the run. Place your cycling shoes in the pedals so you can quickly transition onto the bike after the swim and jump off the bike to start the run. Your cycling times will get faster if you can mount the bike quickly.

Strength Training

Perform lower body and core strength training workouts two to three days per week. Your core is the link between your legs and arms, and your lower body provides the power transfer into the bike. Improving the strength of your legs and core can improve your power output, ultimately making you bike faster.

Proper Equipment

Fit your bike to your body size and riding style. A properly fit bike allows you to efficiently use energy during every pedal stroke. Use lightweight equipment on your triathlon bike. Reducing the overall weight of your bike can improve performance, aerodynamics and speed. Start with choosing performance triathlon tires and an aerodynamic helmet.

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Know the Course

Review the course profile and elevation graph before the triathlon. Every course possesses a layout and terrain that requires a specific approach. For example, a hilly course requires using lower gears while a flat course requires higher gears to maximize speed.


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