Male Benefits of Yoga


4 benefits of yoga for the male endurance athlete.

Male Benefits of Yoga
Yoga has been used for many centuries as a mind-body approach to combining the physical and mental aspects of health. Male endurance athletes, however, have not used yoga to its full benefits and advantages like female endurance athletes. 2005 Yoga Journal study showed that 77 percent of yoga teachers in the U.S. were female. However, male endurance athletes who use yoga experience several health and wellness benefits while also improving their overall running and endurance performance.


Yoga is a form of cross-training for male endurance athletes looking to increase flexibility and overall muscle conditioning. Using yoga as a cross-training workout complements your sport-specific strength and conditioning program. For example, triathletes use yoga to increase balance, flexibility, range of motion, endurance and strength.

Endurance athletes use yoga to increase balance, flexibility, range of motion, endurance and strength.

Total Body

Completing a yoga routine forces you to use your entire body for the various poses and movements. For endurance athletes such as runners and triathletes, you don’t use all the muscles throughout your body. Yoga, however, covers every muscle, joint and organ along with the cardiovascular, skeletal, muscular and endocrine systems for total body health and wellness.


Yoga helps males decrease muscle soreness after workouts by restoring energy levels. After a hard workout, muscles are fatigued and full of lactic acid that creates soreness and tight muscles. Yoga stretches those muscles to release tension and flush out the lactic acid that leaves you feeling aware and revitalized.

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Stress Relief

According to Phil Aston, founder of Yoga at Work, men have difficulty differentiating between bad stress and healthful stress. Participating in yoga, however, reduces bad stress to balance your mind. The quiet, peaceful environment along with the precise movements requires balance and concentration that switches your focus from the chaos of everyday life. By balancing your mind, you increase mental clarity and focus that improves your performance in other sports and daily activities.


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